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WELCOME students, parents and teachers!

The “Learning English with Little Leaf” project of the English Language Education Department of EDUHK includes six units on different topics that tell stories about Little Leaf and his family. Each unit includes two animated videos, a song, two e-books, and digital and hands-on activities to help primary students enjoy, participate and speak up while learning English.

All the videos are free and require no login. To access the e-Books and online activities, please sign in with your HKedCity account or with your school account. For teachers who would like to register their classes in order to track their participation, please contact us at

Begin your adventure of learning English with Little Leaf now!

Module: Me, My Family and Friends
Unit: Me and My Family

Module: Places and Activities
Unit: Let's Go Shopping
Module: Places and Activities
Unit: Holiday Time
Module: Happy Days
Unit: Leisure Activities
Module: Our New Neighbourhood
Unit: Jobs People Do
Module: Changes
Unit: Now and Then

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